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We will provide you with individualised diet and supplementation recommendations based on the biochemistry and physiology of your pet. All our dietary recommendations are species-appropriate, nutritionally balanced and follow AAFCO and NRC guidelines.

Herbal Medicine

All our herbal medicine prescriptions are tailored to each individual clients needs. We appreciate and love the traditional herbal knowlwedge, however, we keep up to date with the latest reasearch and always prescribe evidence based medicine.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Blood chemistry is usually utilised to measure presence or absence of disease. However, when analysis is conducted from a functional perspective, dysfunction can be detected subclinically and disease states can be avoided entirely by treating the cause of dysfunction. We perform comprehensive analysis for all our clients blood test throughout their health journey.

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Lifestyle & Environment

We suggest individualised lifestyle and environmental modifications and positive reinforcement training techniques that will enrich and improve your pet's quality of life and improve their physical and mental health.

Rehabilitation & Massage

If your pet is experiencing musculoskeletal pains or is rehabilitating from disease or injury, we will recommend suitable exercises and massage points to aid in the healing process

Canine & Equine HTMA Testing